Dermalogica Expert programme
Dermalogica Expert programme

The Dermalogica Expert programme is designed with you, the professional skin therapist, in mind. This 3-tier programme rewards your hard work and knowledge by recognising your professional skills. As you complete more workshops with Dermalogica you will progress higher up the ladder - culminating in the achievement of the ultimate mark of professionalism, Dermalogica Expert status.


Why invest in creating Experts?

Although Dermalogica training is free of charge, we appreciate it’s not without cost to you the business owner. So how does having an Expert help recuperate the investment? The Expert programme is a great way to motivate staff and ensure loyalty as the programme completion can be built in to your personal training programme or agreement.


Why should I become a Dermalogica Expert?

Strengthen your industry credentials and boost your confidence with professional product use and combinations to personalise each treatment achieving fantastic results and earn client trust in your professional expertise and recommendations for home care. It may even increase your earning potential.

As an Expert you’ll receive amazing rewards and benefits to help elevate your passion for healthy skin and client results. 


How do I beomce an Expert?

Download our Expert Pathway here.  It will walk you through how to get your coveted Expert status.


What's my status?

You can check your individual status at MyEducation, where you can also track the workshops you have attended and those that you are yet to complete. Every student's journey is individual in time-scale, so you are able to personalise elements of your route to becoming a Dermalogica Expert too! 

All ‘Additional Workshops’ must be completed since 1st March 2012


If you have achieved your Dermalogica Expert status - congratulations!

Download your digital pieces here:

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  • Pathway June to Sept

    NEW June to Sept Pathway

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  • NEW! Pathway: Oct 19 to Feb 2020

    Effective October 2019. Calendar released on 1st Sept.

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