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We hope that this Education Centre, MyEducation and FAQs sections contain everything you need to know to plan and develop your education as a professional skin therapist or retailer working with Dermalogica. To amend your bookings please speak to one of our dedicated Training Advisors on freephone 08000 564 544 (UK) or 1800 818 555 (Eire). 

If you can't find what you are looking for online, or require further advice, simply send us an email and one of our experts will get back to you soon.

(For general information regarding Dermalogica please visit the main website or complete an enquiry form here.)


  1. Q:  Tell me more about d-STREAMING

    Now you can join Dermalogica's award-winning training from anywhere in the UK and Ireland thanks to our interactive, online streaming option. Gain the knowledge you need from the convenience of your skin centre. We have a selection of d-streaming workshops that contribute towards your Expert pathway and a selection of 30 minute webinars to top up your learning.

    Please reference the trouble shooting guide or video here for more information.

    Once booked, you will receive a unique link to join the session via email. Alternatively, log in to your My Profile, Bookings section and click the Join Session Link for the relevant d-STREAMING workshop. 

    Check out the latest Calendar for details.

  2. Q:  I need help accessing the Learning Hub modules and Clean Touch Certification course.

    Self-led online learning modules can be booked via the Education Centre, using the 'Online Learning' drop down menu on the Book a Workshop page. You'll recieve a booking confirmation email and links to the learning hub. Don't wait, you can start straight away. You can also use our useful trouble shooting guide here.

  3. Q:  What do I need to know about attending the Pro Power Peel workshop and receiving a Pro Power Peel treatment?

    Treatment Considerations:

    No exfoliation or Vit A derived product within 48 hours pre-peel and for three days post peel

    No direct UV exposure 72 hours pre treatment and 2-3 weeks post treatment

    No waxing/threading/shaving within the last 72 hours and until peeling and/or sensitivity have subsided

    No Botox or injectables within the last 5 days

    No cosmetic or resurfacing procedures within the last two weeks

    No Accutane within the last 6 months

    Treatment Contraindications:

    Pregnant, trying to fall pregnant or breastfeeding

    Cold sores

    Latex allergy will require patch testing

    After Care Advice:

    Use the following guidelines until your skin has resolved peeling (approximately 7–10 days). For more sensitive skin or after a more intense treatment, consider following these guidelines for at least 10 days.

    1. Immediately following treatment, apply a Broad Spectrum physical sunscreen (minimum SPF30) such as Dermalogica Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 or Skin Perfect Primer SPF30. Avoid direct daylight exposure for 2–3 weeks and wear a 3” wide brim hat if going in the sun is necessary. Direct sun exposure must be avoided to prevent hyperpigmentation.

    2. On the day of treatment, avoid strenuous exercise or prolonged exposure to heat sources such as dry saunas and steam rooms. Increased blood circulation to the face will cause an increased warming effect, which could lead to discomfort (prickling, itching, etc.), redness, inflammation, swelling or other side effects.

    3. On the night of treatment, rinse your face with cool water and a gentle cleanser such as UltraCalming™ Cleanser, then moisturize skin with a moisturizer such as Calm Water Gel or Intensive Moisture Balance. This will help soothe skin tightness.

    4. Increase your fluid intake for the next 2–3 days.

    5. You will likely begin peeling within 2–5 days. This is normal. DO NOT pick or peel at loose skin. This may cause discoloration.

    6. Avoid using any type of exfoliating product on the treated area for 3 days after treatment or until your skin shows no signs of sensitivity. If skin is no longer sensitive, Daily Microfoliant® may be used to slough off peeling skin.

    7. Continue to moisturize the treated area for the duration of the peeling process. Applying Multi-Active Toner, Barrier Defense Booster, Calm Water Gel, Barrier Repair or Intensive Moisture Balance throughout the day can help maintain hydration and decrease the appearance of flaking.

    Once peeling and redness subside: Resume the regular Dermalogica daily routine that has been recommended by your professional skin therapist.

  4. Q:  I am a Skin Centre owner but I can’t see a staff member's details on MyProfile?

    If you do not see an employee listed, ensure they have registered, linked to your business using either the business name, address or post/ eirecode and ticked the 'Book on Behalf' box. They can also edit this in the My Details section of My Profile.

  5. Q:  Who can attend Dermalogica training and what qualifications do I require?

    Dermalogica® training is available to registered account holders and their employees, meaning that should you choose to stock the Dermalogica brand or work in a Dermalogica skin centre, all training is available to you and the staff free of charge.

    Please note: To ensure the safety of all our students, failure to provide evidence of an acceptable qualification will result in practical workshops being cancelled.

    Should you wish to attend our Dermalogica workshops for the professional skin therapist your chosen course will be in beauty therapy, advanced beauty therapy, and aesthetics with your qualifications from one of the following Awarding Organizations:

    • City&Guilds
    • CIBTAC

    We would recommend investigating colleges local to you that provide a National Vocation Qualification Level 2 (NVQ 2) or above, or an equivalent qualification. Dermalogica is unable to recommend any one particular college as so many factors influence a student’s decision to select a training provider. However, we can share the Dermalogica criteria with regards to accepting skin therapists on our workshops.


    If you have an internationally obtained qualification please contact us.

    All certification not in English requires translation to enable us to assess the level of these qualifications, we therefore require a Statement of Comparability from UK NARIC 0871 330 7033.

    (Qualifications from USA, Canada or Australia would be assessed on a case by case basis)

    This statement is an officially recognised document that confirms the recognition of an overseas qualification and its comparable level in the UK, irrespective of it being an academic, vocational or professional award.

    A Statement of Comparability states, in English, what the overseas qualifications equate to in the UK.

    Please note: To ensure the safety of all our students, failure to provide evidence of an acceptable qualification will result in practical workshops being cancelled.

  6. Q:  What is your workshop registration and cancellation policy?

    In order to best accommodate all booking requests, we kindly ask that you read and follow this important information:

    • All reservations are confirmed at time of booking.

    • Full details including date, time, uniform requirements and location maps, can be reviewed online.

    • To adjust your bookings in any way, including cancellation, this can be done online, visit, MyEducation and Overview as soon as possible.

    • A cancellation fee of £20/€25 per student, per workshop, will be invoiced with less than one week’s notice of non-attendance.

    • Certificates: We care about the environment and have made a commitment to reduce printed materials where appropriate. Certificates of Attendance are now digital and emailed upon successful completion of all aspects of a workshop. Can be withheld if 30 minutes or more is missed. Expert Programme certificates will still be printed and awarded at the end of training.


    (A copy of the full T&Cs, accepted when registering to use MyEducation, are available upon request.)

  7. Q:  How can I be best prepared for professional practice during hands-on workshops?

    As a brand committed to maintaining industry standards and working at the highest level of professional practise, we would like to advise all skin therapists attending practical workshops of the following health and safety considerations:

    • Nails should be well trimmed to ensure techniques can be performed accurately and comfortably for both skin therapist and client. Nails should be varnish / gel polish free to ensure it is visible that hands are clean and hygienic.

    • Hair should be tied back and off the face to avoid cross contamination.

    • Only minimal jewellery should be worn to prevent injury.

    • Clean uniform with short sleeves is required for all practical sessions.

    • High heels are not permitted when in uniform to ensure complete stability while working.

  8. Q:  Should I wear uniform?

    We recommend wearing your uniform for all workshops as most now inlcude hands on practical or activities. If you are a non-therapist we still suggest wearing your work uniform to all workshops.

    Practical workshops will require you to have short polish free nails, hair tied back and minimal jewellery.

    For more information, please reference our latest Education Calendar on the 'What's On' menu tab. Here you can read full workshop descriptions and our Need to Know information on the back page.

  9. Q:  Where can I find a map of the Training Centre?

    Click on the 'locations' tab on the home page to find a downloadable map, which include directions for train and car travel and specific parking instructions.

  10. Q:  Still not sure?

    We hope that this Education Centre and the MyProfile section contain everything you need to know to plan and develop your education with Dermalogica, however if you would like to speak to one of our dedicated Training Advisors call freephone 08000 564 544 (UK) or 1800 818 555 (Eire).